Eight Sentence MicroFiction

Write an eight sentence fiction using the #saturdayprompt #WriteTribe #microfiction #writebravely

This was the prompt given by Write Tribe on Instagram.


“Oh no! I overslept. He’ll be livid”, thought Jess, rushing to get ready and leave…

She grabbed the car keys from the hook near the front door and rushed out as if she was being chased by demons.

Jess calculated the time it would take her to reach Ron’s apartment provided the traffic behaved itself along with her old car.

‘Person proposes, God disposes’ was being proven true today as her car refused to start.

Jess had been so excited about her trip today that she’d forgotten to switch off her head lights last night while parking her car in the garage.

She pictured Ron’s eyes turning red with rage every second she was late in picking up their two year old daughter, Beth, from his house.

That Ron had a temper was an understatement to make considering how little it took to set him off, especially being late to pick up Beth on a Sunday he had plans to play golf with his boss.

Ever since their divorce they shared joint custody of Beth, who was the light of her eyes and the reason she put up with her manipulative Ex.


By Sulekha Rawat

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