1. Hats off to you intelligent girl’s and will always love to meet you all at same place and will remember your love for books and next time even I will be prepared to share my experience about the books

  2. The description of your grandmom dancing and swaying her hand is so beautiful… I read that line twice to soak in the image. It reminded me of my older relatives who dance just like that. Such beautiful memories. You have a way with words. The way you describe things evokes warm and fuzzy emotions.
    I read pride and prejudice as a young girl and was confused by many decisions. I should read it again. Probably to fall in love with Mr Darcy again.

    • Rajlakshmi, Mr Darcy is mine :). Thanks for your lovely compliment. We all have such beautiful older relatives who enrich our lives .Thanks for mentioning my Dadi and her dance moves.

  3. I read Pride and Prejudice years ago…it wasn’t one of my favourite books. This is an interesting concept for a book club — where everyone discusses a different book. The book club I organise, we read the same book.

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