Gond Tribal Art And Painting Workshop

A dear friend, Diksha, invited me to her studio for this amazing workshop, Gond painting, and I jumped at this chance, managed to paint something, and loved learning this new art form. I had not heard of this particular style of painting but enjoyed learning the basic techniques of this vibrant and intricate art.Look forward to learning more about Gond painting.

The Gond tribal community is one of central India’s largest indigenous communities and their art is an expression of their everyday quest for life. The Gond art rendezvous with the belief that “viewing a good image begets good luck”. This inherent belief led the Gonds to decorating their houses and the floors with traditional tattoos and motifs.Read more

I bring you my journey as an amateur Gond art student, also proudly present my artwork 🙂

The teacher



Thank you and have a great day 🙂

By Sulekha Rawat

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