A Silent Home



Coming home to an empty house is so heartbreaking! The emptiness engulfs you in its lonely fold, smothering you and you don’t even make an attempt to come up for air.
There used to be a precious angel who lived for your smiles and rejoiced at your coming home, who is no more with you. Her absence cuts through your heart and you long for the unconditional and unadulterated shower of affection on your hungry soul. The only thing you can do is hug her essence contained in the urn kept in the cabinet. Your loud tears intermingle with her silent ashes and the touch of her lifeless remains help you to go on living until you meet again at the rainbow bridge.


By Sulekha Rawat


2 thoughts on “A Silent Home

  1. Can understand your pain and grief! A big warm comforting hug for you, Sulekha ♥
    Stay strong and blessed!

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