Haiku – Today I Will Dream…

 Today’s prompt:  Today I will……….

We celebrated our 69th Independence Day yesterday on 15th August 2015 and my haiku are also all about freedom and liberty.

Today I WillToday I will dream

Of a happy place on earth

My country, my land.



Today I will sing

Unafraid and unrestrained

Freedom is my right.



Today I will meet

Life headlong, march on ahead

Liberty is mine.



Today I will not

Bow down to terror and hide

Bravery is I.



Today I will vow

No one is above the law

Justice is not blind.



Today I will wish

My mind remembers you all

Unsung, brave, heroes.



Today I will sow

The seeds of truth and valor

For the youth to reap.



Today I will live

Feeling safe as you are there

Guarding our borders.


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By Sulekha Rawat



17 thoughts on “Haiku – Today I Will Dream…

  1. Each haiku spoke to me of freedom and liberty! Beautifully done!
    Haven’t tried Haikus in a long time, let me see if I can now after you’ve inspired! 🙂

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