1. I am really sorry. Have been following her moments via Facebook for the last year or so… I wish I had the right words to say because I know how horrible it feels to lose one who is a part of your family.

    • Roshan, it is like a giant grater has scrapped your heart and left it bleeding. Some days you are okay but one fine day when you see her toy or find her hair on your t-shirt, the floodgates open again. I miss her unconditional love and cuddles so much… thanks for your visit.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Sulekha. While nothing can replace the love Sparky gave you and the love you feel for her, maybe perhaps your loving memories of her, as expressed through these words will give you the strength to bear the loss. Take care.

    • Sid, I pray that she is at peace but when I enter the empty house, or see her pictures on the wall, I break down. A pet becomes as dear as a child, so how does a mother not cry at her baby’s untimely death? Thanks for your kind words.

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