A Mother’s Concern

                          Picture Prompt For The Wordy Wednesday at the B-A-R

This week’s prompt comes from the amazing storyteller and blogger Sid Balachandran


Oh no! Look at little Chip lick food off the floor. Why can’t he be like Mrs Orangutan’s son, Godzy; who sits at the table and eats his food, like a gentleman. He knows the right forks to use for the different dishes kept in front of him, he even uses the napkin to wipe his mouth after he finishes eating his meals. Mrs O is so lucky, and now look at me and my nutty son!

Here we are by the window grill of the Iyers, I can smell the filter coffee being prepared by Malini Iyer. Wish I could go in and ask her for a cup, it would wash down this corn so well. I wonder if she would also be kind enough to give a glass of milk for Chip, he is a growing boy and needs all the calcium he can get. A mother never stops worrying about her children, be it a human mom or a haplorhini one 🙂

By Sulekha Rawat


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