Valentine’s Day Never Ends.

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Love for all seasons

This week’s prompt comes from not one but three B-A-R members:

Shalini Nair, Sheethal Susan Jacob and Sulekha Rawat

A minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

Love for all seasons

He loved her when she was sixteen

Sixty summers later

His love for her didn’t falter

He still felt like he did then


In sickness and in health

They had promised to be true

To each other, come what may

Love their only wealth


One sad day he broke his vow

Pulled his hand out of hers

She stood achingly forlorn

Frozen with fear and sorrow


Her heart and mind shattered

Outwardly she was intact

Her eyes though dry, burned

There was nothing left that mattered


He, who went away without a goodbye,

Lingers on her mind, day and night

Why did they have to part so soon?

Her hurting soul seeks to know, why?

By Sulekha Rawat


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