World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day, we all know what kindness means and what we can do to make others feel happy and good.When we help others, we feel good too. I loved the kindness ideas shared on this site http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas

KindnessI was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 10 odd years ago and am a regular at the hospital for my routine blood tests and ultrasound of the thyroid gland to keep a check on the multiple nodules present within my thyroid gland. I go through this procedure twice a year, now after 10 years I don’t fear the test results. I know all will be okay as long as I am regular in my hospital visits and checkups; life is too short to be wasted worrying and fretting.

Today was no different; I sat in the waiting room and observed the patients walking by my chair. I love watching people and making up stories in my head about their lives, what they do and what they are like. Just as I was getting warmed up and ready to write a story in my head about two women complaining about their doctors, the lady next to me happened to look my way. I smiled at her; I like breaking the ice with a smile, she smiled back although hesitatingly.

I made polite talk with her, told her I was there for my routine check up and asked her if she was also suffering from hypothyroidism. She started telling me about her ear-ache and one thing led to another, before I knew it she had told me all about her husband’s death nearly twenty years ago. What she said after that made me realize the importance of listening to others. She confessed that she had never spoken about her past with anybody in all these years, “I don’t know how and why I am telling you all this”, she said. All I did throughout our conversation was listen; I gave her my complete attention and let her talk to her heart’s content. I guess we all need someone who doesn’t judge or interrupt us but just listens. Also speaking with strangers is easier than with friends and family members.

After she bid me a smiling goodbye I walked into the doctor’s room for my appointment, my date with strangers wasn’t over yet. A middle-aged couple walked in looking very stressed, the lady requested me to let her jump the queue and meet the doctor as she was concerned about her husband’s health. Even though I had been waiting for nearly an hour and a half, I let her go ahead of me to meet the doctor. Why? You ask me?… because she looked really worried and also because when I see an old couple, I am reminded of my parents. The couple apologized profusely while exiting the doctor’s cabin and thanked me for letting them speak to the doctor and allay their fears.

Both these instances made me realize one thing, I felt good afterwards; I wasn’t bitter or angry but happy to have helped those in need, in whatever negligible way I could, I felt good.

I don’t think I was being kind, I was just being human. Maybe when I become old, I might be seated next to someone who would be interested in my story. Maybe they’d get to hear about my battle with hypothyroidism, multi nodular growth in my thyroid gland and my fear of needle biopsies.


Liking it to World Kindness Day 2014 posts at Write Tribe

By Sulekha Rawat

14 thoughts on “World Kindness Day

  1. I agree completely. During my bad days, the one thing that gave me some sense of satisfaction was doing random small good deeds for others who I felt needed it… in part, the thought in my head was that I wished someone was there to do the same for me in my bad times, but atleast till then let me help others.
    And yes, it did slowly but surely bring a change in my attitude towards life.

  2. Sulekha, you were being human AND kind…don’t discount that nor yourself! I think it was great of you to listen to the woman who needed to pour her heart out…sometimes a person does need just a listening ear: so valuable and rare in today’s world it seems. And sweet of you to let the older couple ahead of you. If everyone treated others like you did today, what a wonderful world we would live in! Keep on being your sweet self! 😉 <3

    1. Elly, you are so right about listening. I happened to need someone the other day and found a lovely old lady who heard my story and calmed my fears about my health.Thank you for your lovely comment.

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