1. pythoroshan

    I agree completely. During my bad days, the one thing that gave me some sense of satisfaction was doing random small good deeds for others who I felt needed it… in part, the thought in my head was that I wished someone was there to do the same for me in my bad times, but atleast till then let me help others.
    And yes, it did slowly but surely bring a change in my attitude towards life.

  2. Sulekha, you were being human AND kind…don’t discount that nor yourself! I think it was great of you to listen to the woman who needed to pour her heart out…sometimes a person does need just a listening ear: so valuable and rare in today’s world it seems. And sweet of you to let the older couple ahead of you. If everyone treated others like you did today, what a wonderful world we would live in! Keep on being your sweet self! 😉 <3

    • Elly, you are so right about listening. I happened to need someone the other day and found a lovely old lady who heard my story and calmed my fears about my health.Thank you for your lovely comment.

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