This Wednesday prompt at Write Tribe is a quote on Creativity: write a post inspired by this quote

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties ~ Erich Fromm

I loved reading the 20 amazing creativity quotes at Write Tribe and have written a few of my own in this post 🙂

20141020_184050Creativity nurtures souls

Ignites minds

Charms the hearts of millions

Who witness it – Lucks

MiracleThere was a young woman who had a hard time concentrating on what was happening in her life because her head was forever in the clouds. She felt more real in her dream world than in the physical one she resided in. When she wrote about her fantasy land, she was diagnosed with a deadly disease, Creativity.

GrowingCreativity cannot be hidden, stolen or damaged by insensitive people. It keeps growing in the face of adversity – Lucks

Creativity teaches us to make our own impressions of the world. The sky need not always be blue or gray. It might look better, green and the water, pink. The burning rain could spurt out of the ground and reach up for the purple clouds, the sea-bed could be the sea-roof and vice versa.

Maybe the roots of the blue trees could blossom and grow on the top most branches and the black flowers be buried deep in the soil. May the one-eyed artists write with their five hands and smell the perfume of the rooting roots with their couple of noses 🙂

CreativityCreativity raises its eccentric head when someone challenges the easygoing artist with mundane tasks – Lucks

By Sulekha Rawat aka Lucks

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16 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. ..the greatest gift a writer is having is imagination..the world is her oyster..she can travel places..travel through time..she can paint the world she wants..that’s the way it is..
    ..the job of the critics is to criticize..and the job of a writer is to squeeze the juice of creativity and write..write n write..
    ..loved your post..:)

  2. very interesting post. There are very few people who appreciates creativity as today’s life is totally mechanical but hats off the creativity here is just phenomenal…keep posting your talent….

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