Futile Attempt

Love is a sweet tyranny, because the lover endureth his torments willingly. ~Proverb 

Being a Pro Blogger is fun, challenges you to be creative everyday 🙂 I have written Haiku and Senryu for a while now and the thought of a full length poem appealed to me, so today I bring you a poem which has more than seventeen syllables 🙂

Futile Attempt


I try not to think of you in the mornings

Makes my days seem bare and bereft

Your absence makes for a dismal sunrise

I stop myself from thinking of you at night

Sleep deserts me otherwise


In between the day and night

There is no room for anything but

The mindless, endless, numbing humdrum

Of trying to survive without you around


Memory creeps in edgewise, slowly

Slips through the tiny crevice in my heart

The crimson memories mock my delusions

Color my pale insides with their harsh reality


What I’d thought was love

Was a trick played by my mind

On my unsuspecting heart

It had deceived my soul


You and I were never meant to be

I had too much love to give

And you had only stubborn pride

Go your rigid way, Let me go mine

It was hell while it lasted

And I’m still paying the price.

By Sulekha Rawat


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4 thoughts on “Futile Attempt

  1. It is a beautiful pain that I suffer with it, everyday ( Personal) yet is so lyrical and a reminder, that let your mind be open to meet other people. Keept it up. Lovely

  2. That’s very well expressed, Sulekha. Enjoyed the poem that speaks of the pain in love. Love as sweet tyranny is an apt description. And that picture of the tree is mesmerising!

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