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The grand genre of senryu arises, when as a poetic form it expresses the full range of human emotions from comic to tragic That is the real face and voice of senryu that continues to echo through the centuries.

Alan Pizzarelli

I am learning new forms of writing from my fellow bloggers and loving it. Today it is SENRYU day. Senryu is short poetry, in short.

Senryu @sulekkha Write Tribe Pro BloggerSENRYU

All of sixteen-

watches the world with old eyes.

Innocence lost.

By Sulekha Rawat

I am a Pro Blogger at Write Tribe


8 thoughts on “SENRYU

  1. New poetry form for me also… but I like it… Was thinking to those moments when I meet kids or teenagers… and their eyes look like they have seen all the cruelty of the world.. harsh grown up eyes… I really liked it, Sulekha:-)

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