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s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now

100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14


She walked out of the courtroom a free woman after a long and draining battle; both physical and financial. Theirs had been a love marriage. Her husband had tried all tricks in the book to avoid legally divorcing her, he didn’t want to let go of the golden goose. She was a wealthy man’s daughter and wasn’t more than an ATM to his sick and twisted mind.

She wished she knew then what she knew now, she could’ve avoided making this grave mistake of marrying a greedy man who’d professed to love her wholeheartedly. She didn’t look back at him.

By Sulekha Rawat

35 thoughts on “Hindsight

  1. Good that she didnt look back at him. I’m happy that she took the tough, but bold decision of walking out of the unhealthy relationship. Salute her decision !!
    Lovely take on the prompt !

  2. What victims we become when we let our hearts make our decisions. So happy that she walked away and with her head held high too! Loved this, Sulekha!

  3. Aah! Some lessons are learnt the hard way! Glad that she walked away before it was too late!! ♥

  4. Happy, she walked away and didn’t choose the conventional way that many choose to. Brave woman and the husband deserves to be prosecuted in court for mental harassment.

  5. Any marriage can be that way – especially when you go IN knowing it is a business deal 🙁 Unfortunately she thought it wasn’t when it really was. Sad story.

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