1. swathishenoy

    Free write is indeed a welcome break no? I agree with your friends! I was shocked too wen I read u prefer summer! All reasons apart, I love winter 🙂 Oh I wish it would snow too 😀

  2. Quite a nice musing there on Delhi seasons there, Sulekha. I am from Delhi, but now I can’t stand Delhi style dry heat, the southern coastal summer is much preferable to me now…funny how we too change in our weather preferences based on where we live for sufficiently long period of time.

  3. Nice to know that you have lived in Mumbai and love the sea. I too love the sea and seeing the waves splash by is fascinating.I am not used to harsh winters but right now in Mumbai it’s very hot and am not able to cope up with the heat and humidity.
    Free write is fun and is akin to swimming in the free ocean , the liberty of penning the random thoughts.

  4. Loved your free write. I enjoy the way the mind meanders. Although I’m far away from the North I prefer the summer months too only because the cold scares me more. But I do miss those glamorous woollens. Taking care of them, though, is another matter.

  5. Sulekha, its a literary delight reading ur free write and you made it such a romantic and roam free flow of words. I stayed in Mumbai and wouldn’t mind Delhi..itna kharab nahin laga when I visited, despite my friends dissuading me. Delhi has its own charm.

  6. Shailaja /Doting Mom

    And you say your free write is not fit for publishing? Why? This is one of the best things I have read so far 🙂 As a Chennai-born and now Bangalore- settled gal, I can safely say I prefer the winter months. MY skin breaks out in rashes the minute the mercury starts rising. I do acknowledge the benefits of summer. But I relish the idea of sleeping in the freezing cold, snuggled under a warm blanket 🙂

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