Sleep eluded him for a reason.

incessant guilt-ridden feelings,

wouldn’t let him forget her face.

Unblinkingly, He stared into space.


Her reflection appeared on the wall,

accusing eyes boring into him.

Incapable of coherent thought,

he sat, could do nothing at all.


He recalled his hurried departure,

without a goodbye, devoid of a call.

His curt note on the nightstand,

cruel, clinical, minus his signature.


The apparition floated towards him,

with flailing outstretched arms.

It stopped just short of his bed.

frozen unblinking stare, face grim.


Screaming in panic, off the bed he leapt,

begging for forgiveness, he wept.

crying out her name, incoherently,

on trembling limbs, to the exit he crept.


A hand on his shoulder, made him freeze,

panic  making him choke and wheeze.

The woman in his bed dropped her hand,

shivering in the unexplained icy cold breeze.


By Sulekha Rawat














7 thoughts on “Apparition

  1. I usually get such images when there is camera shake. But I would have never been able to write such a lovely poem as you have on it. Nice work 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! This was chilling and eerie. I hope he can let go of his guilt and move forward at some point. Beautiful verse, Sulekha!

  3. Aah! The guilt and regret can really break us!
    This is an amazingly vivid and a beautiful expression, Sulekha! Loved it! ♥

  4. Scarily beautiful is how i would like to describe this verse 🙂 P.S: The image clicked matches so well with what you have wrote!

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