When – A Story

 I am participating in the blogging from A to Z Challenge from 1-30 April, 2014 and this post is written as a part of that challenge. Check out some amazing participating blogs hereMy theme for the challenge is 55 Fiction, stories in 55 words. I hope you enjoy my story today. You can read the earlier parts of this story here.

When - A Story @sulekkha  #AtoZchallengeWhen you put the happiness of those you love above yours, you are a true lover, and Shiva had gone ahead and done it. He had untangled his aching heart from hers and hoped the bruises showed up only on his soul. Sia would be so angry with him that she would forget to grieve.

By Sulekha Rawat

15 thoughts on “When – A Story

  1. Oh no, I don’t like where this is going… Why cant they be together… 🙁 Oh mighty Sulekkha – pretty please make a “and then they lived happily ever after” … ending to this:-)

  2. Aah!! But will Sia be ever happy? I dont think so. That hurt, the pain would always be there. And even Shiva wouldnt be at peace either!! Sad for both of them!

  3. Guess not every love story has a happy ending, a bit like life. Enjoyed and you’ve put the right emotions in few words. Like Shilpa said, how can one be ever happy if the pain is internalized?

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