Sia’s Courage

55 On Friday 2014 -2 Prompt – how I wished

55 On Friday explained courtsey the Write Tribe‘s blog-

Often called “micro” or “nano” fiction 55 fiction is the art of creating a complete short story in exactly 55 words, no more, no less.  Not an essay, not a poem, not a bunch of random thoughts, no musings. Just a potent piece of pure fiction that you’ve dexterously composed in 55 words.

55 fiction – the rules

Like haiku, 55 fiction challenges you to pack in a lot in just a few words and has a structure to it, with four elements:

  1. A setting – the story must happen somewhere – in your mind, in the forest, in your neighbor’s house, in your garden
  2. One or more characters – can be people, animals, an inanimate object.
  3. Conflict – involving an event. Can include a fight, a chase, a conspiracy, why, even silence
  4. Resolution – a solution that wraps up the story, giving the reader a good takeaway.



He followed her home, again but Sia had tolerated enough.  Stalkers turn dangerous in no time, she made a quick call to the help line number on her cell. The cops reached her place within minutes, he turned ashen when confronted. His reaction, how I wished I’d not done it. Sia entered her house confidently.

By- Sulekha Rawat

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34 thoughts on “Sia’s Courage

  1. As Corinne commented above, I wish more people would make the effort to be bold. There is a difference between bravery and bravado. How I wished people would know the difference. Hey, I actually worked in the prompt in the comment too 😀 Lovely take, Sulekha!

  2. Good for Sia. We've all been followed at some point or the other. We used to stay in the university campus and were so used to being followed home almost everyday yet we never paused to think it could turn dangerous. We really should stop taking such incidents for granted and do something about it. Nice post Sulekha.

    1. Tulika, we need to be more careful and alert. I tell my kids to keep their eyes open and be on their guard all the time, thanks for your comment.

  3. That was very bright of Sia to do. Am happy she got a prompt response too and she was saved well in time. Stalkers can be really nasty.

  4. Empowering ! Stalkers are never really as brave as they seem to be, just like this one. Good that she made the right call at the right time. How I wish every girl is as bold as this one ! Good take , Sulekhaji 🙂

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