He Was Far Too Late

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S/He was too late

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While the sleeping beauty lay prostrate,

the prince was in no hurry to be nice

He sampled every ware and nibbled

on every bite, sometimes twice.


He travelled far and wide,

drinking in all the sights

Swam in a lot of lakes,

partying through the nights.


He visited foreign lands,

holding many a fair lady’s hands.

Flirting from June to May,

whilst his waiting bride in her room lay.

Unsuspecting of his colorful love-life,

and unaware of his vagabond ways.


And then when he was spent, jaded

and content with less

When he didn’t want for more,

that’s when he wandered to her door,

boots so confident across the floor

He marched up to the attic,

entitled, and oh, so sure


He was in for a surprise,

the room was deserted,

except for that empty bed

and that message on the mirror

in bright cherry red


Goodbye you loser,

I’m done waiting for you

I’m off to make my own fate

I have far better things to do.


And as the prince staggered in disbelief

realization hit him in the face,

The princess had rescued her self

And the prince, he was too late.

By Sulekha Rawat


(My poem was edited by my lovely daughter, Shloka, a law graduate, now practicing in the Supreme Court of India. She is a prolific writer as well as a voracious reader.)

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38 thoughts on “He Was Far Too Late

  1. Lol… Don't know about the Prince, but I fell in love with your princess. Like PB said.. that's what's a perfect fairy tale should be. I hope my daughter turns out like your princess.
    Sharing.. happily!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful thoughts expressed in the poem. A high five to the daughter:) We need to take a decision in life and one shouldn't be used by others. Beautifully expressed:)

    1. Thank you, Vishal. Will high five her on your behalf 🙂 Yes, we need to take charge of our destiny, move ahead, fearlessly.

  3. Sulekha,
    Great take on life and I agree that the philandering prince needs to be taught the error of his ways. The girls must remember that they don’t need validation from anyone but themselves.
    Kudos to you and your daughter – you are on the right track.

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