Mia’s sweet revenge- 100 words on Saturday


Today’s prompt: She had the last laugh –  100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 4



Mia’s father left her at the railway platform, abandoning the 5-year-old child without feeling any remorse. Mia was taken to a shelter home and brought up in a loving environment, sent to the best of schools. Time passed and she graduated, got a full scholarship to study abroad, life was good for her. Meanwhile her father got into debts and lost his house, job and his health too.


Mia found out where he was admitted for treatment and visited him, on her return to India; paid his medical fees and waved him goodbye. She had the last laugh.

25 thoughts on “Mia’s sweet revenge- 100 words on Saturday

  1. This actually happened a few years ago in 2007 when a father abandoned his 3 year old daughter at a Melbourne railway station. So sad. Glad that Mia turned out to be a forgiving person.

  2. She performed her duty as a daughter and showed him that she was a better human being. That was a lovely take on the prompt.

  3. WOW, she did more for him than he deserved. She let all bitterness go which probably gave her great peace. Great story!

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