Had I Looked Back

Hundred words on Saturday – 9

Had I looked back

All I can think of is how much you had hurt me when you had crept out of the house late at night and never returned. I waited for years, am still waiting for you to come and tell me what had triggered such an extreme reaction. Was it something I said or didn’t say? Why?

Had I looked back, I would have seen you going behind my back and flirting with my best friend. I would’ve caught you red handed, seen your true colors and said good riddance to you and your lying, cheating self.

Sulekha Rawat


Today’s prompt is courtesy Nischala Murthy who blogs at Verve:

Had I looked back

10 thoughts on “Had I Looked Back

  1. we never really get answers to some questions..Call it karma or the ways of the world.. But trust is so *DAMN* important in a relationship. Well written

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