Day one of the 7 day challenge

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Day one of the 7 day challenge

I am participating in the 7 day challenge by Write Tribe and am looking forward to reading some interesting posts by my fellow bloggers. I am one day late in posting and hope to make up for the lost time. Thanks to Corinne for this awesome challenge and opportunity to hone our creative writing skills.

I will share with you the 7 traits I find interesting and a must-have in a good person (man/woman)

First trait I find endearing is sense of humor; it is an absolute must, at least in my book. Today’s newspaper article also endorses my point when it says that if you have a sense of humor you are most likely to be hired by your employers. Guess who is having the last laugh. 🙂

The next quality I like is Honesty; you can’t be anything but great if you are honest about your true feelings and thoughts with the world. Sometimes the honesty becomes uncomfortable for some, but one who remains true to his beliefs and sticks his/her head out is a hero in my eyes.

Kindness is a powerful quality and is not to be confused with weakness. Only a strong person can be kind and can display this majestic trait. A secure and confident person always has this trait in his armory.

Confidence is the foundation on which a strong personality stands but what makes a person even better is if he/she can keep a secret and not betray someone’s confidence.

Courage or bravery can be of various kinds, it’s not necessarily only aggressive and confronting the enemies kind. A brave person admits his/her mistakes and makes amends, owns his/her mistakes and comes forward to make things right when he/she does something wrong unknowingly.

Playfulness and childlike wonder is my all time favorite quality in anybody, I refuse to grow up and hate to see people going to their graves while still living.

Love is the last ingredient that completes a person, if one has love in his/her heart then there is no richer person than that one.


Thank you

Sulekha Rawat


6 thoughts on “Day one of the 7 day challenge

  1. Wow Sulekha, a person who imbibes all these qualities will be perfect! These qualities, if we can acquire will make us self confident and a peron of dreat determination.

  2. Like Aristotle you have to carry Lantern in a broad daylight to find a person who possess all these good qualities. Thought provoking post :-)))

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