Just because…

Blogging A to Z challenge- J



Just before I close my eyes,

I see you smiling down at me.

The touch of your hand on my hair,

is like a feather light kiss on my soul.


Just before life lets go,

and I breathe my last.

Just before death comes

to take me away,

I try to hold on,

to your memory.


Though I shamelessly cling,

with all my desperate might,

Your warm hand slips out,

of my cold and clammy ones.

I close my eyes and sigh.


Was it only yesterday that,

you were mine for keeps?

Was it a dream or a fantasy,

Was I ever your ecstasy?


Did you ever love me at all?

I was crazy for you since,

I let you in my heart and,

refused to see reason.

I was in love, my friend.


Just because we drifted apart,

do you believe we were cursed?

Are we the star crossed lovers,

who never their soul-mates meet?



Sulekha aka Lucks

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