You miss your valentine

You miss your valentine


When you see birds soaring in the sky,

a rose bud blushing at your touch.

When you hear the nightingales sing,

the water in the stream gushing by.


The fresh footprints in the sand,

the jasmine and marigold garlands.

A peacock dancing in the rain,

see the majestic flight of the seagull.


When the wisps of your favorite perfume,

fills your senses with the fragrance of love.

The tug at your heartstrings reminds you,

of your promise to someone long ago.


That’s when you know you love her.

Your soul is connected to its other half,

your eyes seek hers, your heart pines.

You life feels incomplete without,

your soul mate, your darling valentine.




Sulekha aka Lucks

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