I run to your door every chance I get,

hoping to see you one more time.

I didn’t hear you call last time,

trying to make amends, since then.


Life is cruel at times,

hits you when you aren’t looking.

The pain of the blow subsides,

the hurt lingers on, forever.


I can still hear you calling my name,

but you choose to ignore my replies.

A lifetime of regret isn’t enough,

to make up for my neglect.


I find solace in being near you,

I know you can feel my presence.

I can’t see you or hear you,

but you are witness to my penance.



12 thoughts on “Penance

  1. Oh Outlier you moved me with this poem. You really dont have to do any penance, your father is all forgiving and is proud of who you have become and how beautiful a person you are. Love you.

    1. Thank you Rimly, your comment makes me feel a lot better and I can look back at what happened without breaking down, love you too.

  2. The bittersweet relationship we all share with our maker is what i fathom from this lovely heart rending poem. I have had similar moments too. The beauty then, lies in being certain that when i falter, strong hands shall hold me up with love. Loved it Sulekha!

  3. Meri pyari bahaniya,
    Enjoy the good memories and count on his blessings. Life has to be lived queen size, make the best of every living day.

    Your loving brother

    1. Naughty,
      I do enjoy the good memories but sometimes they are not enough and there is no escaping sorrow. Thank you…

  4. lucks as he would call u always lucky for everyone….He is always with you protecting you so smile whenever you think of him…..excellent poem. your sister ..you only hv one sister so no name required

    1. Poonam, he is with us all and guiding us, I miss him so badly on some days and my birthday is one such day. It is incomplete without his early morning call <3

  5. more touching since I realised its about your relationship with your dad. As girls we are left with no choice but to leave home when we marry and sometimes its heart wrenching to know you cannot be there when your parents need you the most. But such is reality and knowing this we must live life.. Courage my friend. You moved me to tears.

    1. Adity,
      welcome to my site and thank you for your lovely comment. It is about my hesitation to visit him because of my son's prilims but that's no excuse. He had wanted me to visit him but I didn't know how serious he was and he left this world waiting for me to reach home.

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