You are smiling

laughing at a joke.

Your twinkling eyes

brimming over

with mirth.


You are listening

to a love song.

Have a drink

in your hand.

You look around

and see friends

all around.


But just for a second,

your eyes cloud over,

heart skips a beat.

Your smile fades

the drink lies,

on the table,

forgotten for a while.


A note from the song,

brings back memories,

of days gone by.

You remember,

her smile, her face.

The look in her eyes

when she had kissed,

you goodbye.


You momentarily hear,

her erratic heartbeat.

Smell her perfume,

recall her whispered,


Feel her warm touch.


She from a thousand,

miles away,

touches your soul.

Her love finds its way,

to your barricaded heart,

and stakes its claim.


Somewhere you sit

staring into space

a half-smile on your lips.

Remorse mixed with regret,

for things left unsaid.


I love.

I miss you.

I need you.

keep ringing in your ears.

With your hand,

on your heart you sit.

A stranger in a far-off place

longing to be with her.

Missing her with

a dull ache.



Sulekha aka Lucks

5 thoughts on “Somewhere…

  1. So beautifully written, Sulekha. The dull ache of regret that persists all throughout our lives, when you miss the bus as they say. So well expressed! Loved it

    1. Rimly, I wonder what the poets would have written about if there had been no love and heartbreak in this world 🙂 Thank you for appreciating my poem.

    1. Corinne, Your words bring me so much joy, thank you for appreciating my poem. Regrets are a part of love and life, I guess 🙂

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