A Young Boy Standing By The Sea.

BlogFest2012 Photo Prompt: Today, you are asked, by to look at the photo below, and think about what thoughts come to your mind. Write those thoughts down, for others to read, to experience.
A young boy, looks out at the ocean.
What is he thinking? Doing? Dreaming about? Hoping? Learning? Contemplating?
Is he feeling sad? Serene? Happy? Scared? Lonely?
Is he alone? With someone? A group? Family? Friends? Strangers?
 Write anything you want.
Just write. And enjoy the process.

I stand and stare at the waves,

and can hear them thinking.

Every wave has the same thought,

What if the shore rejects me again?


How will I come back again?

When will I learn that it’s a game,

for him to play with my feelings?

He rejects me every time I call,

pushes me away cruelly.


Why does he behave in this awful manner?

Why can’t he be gentlemanly?

Is he hoping to keep me away,

so that I don’t get hurt crashing onto him?


Is he looking out for me,

and trying to set me free?

I wish he would just tell me,

let me make the choice.


I will decide If I want in or out,

I pray that he lets me.






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