Who is InCharge?

I am in charge of my wayward thoughts; no matter where they go I follow them and bring them back to the matter at hand. I am in charge of my emotions; I let them overwhelm me, overflow and soak my heart and soul.

I am in charge of my temper; I lose it all the time but manage to find it and keep it close nonetheless. I am in charge of my weight; we play hide and seek for fun but seriously I let it decide to increase or decrease. I just go along for the ride .

I am in charge of my future, which leads me on unpaved paths, untraveled roads while letting me be in the driver’s seat but without an access to the steering wheel. I am in charge of my life, but there is a huge communication gap between us and this makes life pretty interesting and unpredictable for both of us.

I had thought I was in charge of this article but again I have been surprised by the unexpected direction it has taken and its cranial twists and turns.




Today’s host is Stuart Fish of Stuartfish.com. Read his post here-


7 thoughts on “Who is InCharge?

  1. Oh, yes. I can relate to this.http:really3.blogspot.com (Sorry, I can't figure out how to get the blog I'm doing BlogFEST on to link the right way on WordPress blogs)

  2. Was like reading a poem, written from the heart. Loved your approach to The Charge. And thanks for adding in some Koi while replying to Mr Fish's post. Very apt!

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