Why are women being raped and molested?

Why are women being raped and molested?


Why are men behaving like beasts?

What is prompting these attacks?

Don’t blame the women for their attire,

Or try to curb their freedom.

Instead rein in your primitive urges,

and grow a pair in your shorts.


That night when an innocent,

was being molested by a mob.

There wasn’t a single man there,

only a bunch of perverts.

A man doesn’t blend in,

He stands out.


A man would have braved all,

taken a stand, fought hard,

challenged the beasts,

and protected the victim.

Instead the place was crawling,

with sorry excuses for men.


The girl had more spunk than,

the rowdy crowd of onlookers.

She reminded them,

“You have a sister at home,

Don’t do this.”


But her cries went unheard.

I just want to know,

When you went home and,

your sister opened the door,

could you look her in the eye?

Or were you imagining her in that ,

unfortunate girl’s place?


Did her words ring in your unclean ears?

Did her cries reach your blackened heart?

Didn’t your soul berate your conduct?

Did you not feel any remorse?


Did you leer at your mother?

Give her a dirty look?

Did you undress her with your,

Filthy and lust filled eyes?


If not, why didn’t you?

Why did you target that child?

Why didn’t your conscience kick in then?

Why ? why? Why?


Being born a man doesn’t give you,

the right to attack and plunder.

If you can’t control your sick urges,

You need to be neutered.


You’ve been forewarned, take heed.

Refrain from these atrocities,

against women, young and old.

Hands that rock the cradle,

can also grievously injure and maim.









15 thoughts on “Why are women being raped and molested?

  1. I was looking for a woman to react this way, to speak openly.I was shocked when I saw the footage of recent Assam molestation case.This is something more serious than it looks.

  2. @Abhishek: I don't know if you were living under the rock till now but every woman is speaking (or rather condemning) these heinous incidents.

    @Sulekha: Its not about men, but its human nature to become a beast after we peel off some of the covers that we have worn in the name of civilization. Its our basic instinct, one of the baser feeling after lust. The problem is not men becoming beasts, the problem is that we do not have a judiciary harsh enough to instigate that fear in the human mind to keep these baser feeling hidden somewhere deep inside him/her. We always believed in Gandhi's obsolete dictum "an eye for an eye makes the world go blind", it was his form of a catharsis. But considering today's world, the motto should be "an eye for an eye makes sure your other eye stays safe".

    1. Rajtilak, welcome to my space and thank you for your thoughtful comment. I agree with you about the laws not being harsh enough to deter the culprits.

  3. I have heard about this case in India and it's very sad.

    Your question why could be answered in many ways and if it would come from men it would always boil down to an excuse of a lowlife.

    I was just talking to my mom about how people treat each other and it seems that we have given reign to our basest desires ~ and this clouds men's thoughts. Women are always seen as objects.

    Women should always be the first to say NO to such atrocities~rape and molestation is wrong.

    1. Melissa, it is very sad. Women are being assertive but not all of them. They have been suppressed for too long to break out of it, but times are changing.

  4. Sulekha,

    A Grim eye opener indeed. Very well written and hits hard ! Please pass it around ..Hope some of the animals read it too and lower their eyes in shame !


  5. The molesters did not expect any action to be taken against them, they had no fear of being recognized in the videos. I think such criminals realize that the police and the society would probably silence the victim by shaming and blaming her. If a few such molesters are arrested and convicted and if the cases are publicized, we will see them being able to control themselves very well.

  6. Welcome to my site and I agree with you wholeheartedly. The culprits should be punished and made an example of so that others don't try this ever.

  7. It is terribly sad that this entry is become even more relevant months after you first posted it. So very sad, and so very shaming and shattering the whole episode. Just hoping that her death will not be in vain and some change will come about in the political will and social infrastructure to tackle this evil. Thanks for sharing.

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