My name on your lips!

My name-your lips!

My name on your lips sounds just right.

I fall in love with it every time you say it.

I tremble with longing and desire,

when your lips caress my name, with a sigh.


The cocoon of your breath keeps it safe,

And your smile teases it into a gentle curve.

The warmth of your heart, makes me glow,

with love and pride.


My name on your lips sounds divine.

It glows like a diamond set in a ring.

Is like Taj Mahal in the moonlight

Is like the early morning dew on a flower.

Like a masterpiece on an artist’s wall.

A timeless classic in a leather-bound book.


My name on your lips is like a blessing,

I hear bells toll in the temple,

When you call out my name.

Ever since you whispered it in my ear,

I have never been the same.


I am a bit undone, unravelled and

a delicious mess of emotions.

My name on your lips is like a lover’s first kiss.

Innocent, sweet and vulnerable,

a heady combustible mix.


Don’t ever stop calling my name,

It is what is keeping me sane,

Without this contact I will be lost,

and my life would be in vain.



Sulekha aka Lucks




17 thoughts on “My name on your lips!

  1. Aww *blush* smiling biiig as I read this. Because yes, it sounds sooo good when a guy I like calls my name *blush again* <3 πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Rimly, was missing your comments here πŸ™‚ I knew you would love this poem…

  2. My dear friend,
    What a romantic you are!!! Very soft, tender and sweet. I must say, I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for sharing.

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