Saviour/ Dog Lover

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”  –Mark Twain


While out on my evening walk with Sparky, my eight year old Dalmatian, I came across a number of dogs. They were sitting in a line, by the roadside, patiently waiting for their saviour. What I found odd was that they just sat in a line, and kept watch for the good Samaritan who brings them their daily food in the evenings, without fail.

I have seen this gentleman many times and my Sparky gets barked at by these roadside hooligans during their meal times. They are scared she might ask for a share from their quota. As it is they are at the mercy of kind humans who feed them and also make them wear old jackets of their pets during winters.

It is a sight to behold, the dogs hear the footsteps of their adopted master and they stand to attention but each dog stands at his appointed place and waits patiently for the master to reach him and give him his dinner. These dogs are better behaved than many spoilt pets of our society.

There is a temple within our society and the road opposite it is where these dogs lie in wait for their master and the food he brings for them. It is the first time that I have witnessed God’s presence outside the temple, he is their god. He nurtures, protects and feeds them, unconditionally and selflessly. Hats off to such good Samaritans, they are the true saviours …

Sulekha Rawat

“A hot shower on a cold, wet day, a phone call from a dear friend, or the lick of a dog’s tongue on your hand are reminders of life’s simple pleasures.” –Brian Luke Seaward

6 thoughts on “Saviour/ Dog Lover

  1. This is very inspiring Sulekha but I guess it's real grace working on people who are able to go beyond their place of comfort and do something as REAL and charitable as this is.

    I read a comment on your post on having the Savior's image but I think this post worked well without it because of that element of surprise you're cooking up for us 😛

    It gave me a mental picture of what he did but not of how he looked like. I guess deeds do attract me more than the physical feature 😛

    Loved it…waiting for the sequel 🙂

  2. Thank you Melissa. I don't know if the sequel will happen, if he will agree to his picture being taken 🙂 I just love the fact that there are such kindhearted people in this world who do things selflessly.

  3. Oh you know I just saw a similar thing in our street. There was this man who cared for the dogs he saw in the streets.

    How is this man in your place?

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