Love story of the River and the Sea

Love story of the River and The Sea.



The Sea opened his arms and,

welcomed the rushing river,

in to his all encompassing embrace.

Wrapped his arms around her,

and held her safe.


She gave a contented sigh,

closed her eyes in surrender.

She was finally home, in his arms,

and marvelled at this wonder.


The love story of the river,

and the Sea is as old,

as you and me, even older.

It started with Adam and Eve,

and the forbidden fruit,

which was not to be eat.


They gave in to temptation,

and for this indiscretion,

they are still being beat.


The coyly dancing,

sensuous river,

entices her lover,

the mighty sea.


She undulates her nimble curves,

for him to admire and desire.

Her dance tempts himto break all boundaries,

and come half way to meet her.


He knows she is his and will,

come to him in the end.

He waits patiently,

making her stumble at every bend.


She makes haste,

hurting herself along the way.

spills, swells, surges, creates havoc ,

in her impatient rush to meet him.

She hurts herself and others ,

she encounters along the way.

The mighty sea just stands there,

with his heart in his mouth,

with his soul trapped in his eyes,

he waits.

What if she changes her mind,

and takes a different turn,

He is afraid she might,

not come to him.


He prays she comes  soon,

without any delay.

Just then he looks across,

his vast expanse and,

glimpses her gushing,

towards him with eager arms.


She looks beautiful in,

her trembling, aching glory.

They embrace swish and swirl,

their bodies intermingle.


The river is home,

at last, with him,

where she belongs.

Her beloved sea has been,

her every milestone.


He was also her,

final destination .

This with a certainty,

she has always known.


Photo credit Ankita.G





Sulekha Rawat

19 thoughts on “Love story of the River and the Sea

  1. Amazing Sulekha. What beautiful images you have created here. I love the mystery of the sea and your piece brought it to life. You amaze me mamita!

  2. Perfect Sulekha 🙂 I've been reading the poems you have composed the whole month through and you always save the best for last.

    1. Melissa, I love the fact that you make it a point to read all my posts when ever you can, love you for it. Thank you for your lovely compliment.

  3. Lovely. I love the sea and you have captured so much. Thank you for your words this month and your support. keep on writing.

  4. Congrats on making it through the month, Sulekha! I always look forward to reading your beautiful poetry. <3

  5. Dearest Sulekha,
    Very deep, sweet, intimate and beautiful. Anytime one can take nature and tie it in with love, they have done something wonderfully. Thank you for this my friend.

    1. Andy, we had a wonderful time all this month during the poetry challenge. Thank you for all your kind words.

  6. really very deep and flowing! i enjoyed this more because it reminded me of one of my poems 'You and Me' wherein I had used thie metaphor of the eternal couple- the river and sea.
    -Portia Burton

    1. Jim, welcome back, after a looong break 🙂 missed your comments and thanks for your compliment.

  7. My dear Sulekha,
    When one can take nature and create the magic love between them using words….they have done something amazing!! Very well written my dear friend.

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