You Know…

You Know…





“You know,

how much I love you”,

Is a song in my heart.

Playing, non-stop,

like a broken record.


But, your hand is slipping,

out of mine.

Uncertainty is clouding,

my mind.


My heart is tied up,

in a million knots.

My emotions are a mess.

Jumbled up ,

are my thoughts.


As I prepare to let go,

of my flimsy hold.

You pull me back,

from the ledge.


What compels you,

to come seek me?

To rescue my,

disturbed self.


How does my,

faint heartbeat.

Reach your,

distant ears?


This nameless bond,

keeps our love strong.

Holding on to this,

fragile thread,

I dream on.


Sulekha Rawat

20 thoughts on “You Know…

  1. Dear Sulekha,
    Sometimes the bonds of love can be tested and strained, but when love truly rules the heart, it can never be broken. Keep on holding on tight…it's all worth it for love. Wonderful imagery and flow. Thanks for sharing.

    Day 25 (28): Yesterday

    1. Andy, holding on tight is how we survive. Love is such a bitter-sweet agony.Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  2. Sometimes, I'd like to let go, but he pulls the string and keeps me close to him. I think that bond is stronger than I ever imagined it to be.

    I love how you put in different aspects of love in your posts 🙂 I'm checking in the poems I could put music on 😉

    1. Melissa, This invisible bond is what keeps us alive :0 Love it that you find my poems worthy enough to be in your album.Thanks

  3. Sometimes it's just a fragile bond indeed…but a bond alright that needs to be reinforced and allowed to blossom again…Love wins and so you do my dear, dear talented friend! Congratulations on having two challenges under your belt. Please keep writing – no breaks allowed 😉

    1. Corinne, Fragile bonds never break or snap under pressure.Thank you for your awesome compliment.

  4. The way you write about love is inspiring Sulekha. Even it the love is in jeopardy, it reads like poetry to me. Loved this.

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