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Mother and daughter


This beautiful poem is a guest post by my lovely daughter, Shloka. She is studying Law  but her heart is full of poetry and music 🙂 . Thank you Shloka for coming to my rescue with this wonderful poem for both my challenges, NaPoWriMo and Blogging from A to Z challenge.




Why do we hate?

Why cannot we just relate

To each other,

wouldn’t that be great?


For in this World so wide,

With a million places to hide

You can’t be scared,

of everything outside.


No matter what country,

No matter what land,

A child is a child,

And a man is a man.


How can you kill for,

the colour of one’s skin?

Surely there can be,

no greater sin.


Except people manage,

And they do it so well

You’d think they had no idea

They were going to hell.


For, the voice of the voiceless

Still screams into the night

Unavenged, and demanding

and waiting for the light.


And the gates of the fabled city

Are only boarded up with hate.

And we could all be so happy,

If we could just learn to relate.



by Shloka Rawat

18 thoughts on “Xenophobia

  1. If only we could learn to relate… shloka,such deep thoughts. It is so true in todays world…..we have no time for hatred for there is hardly any time left for love. Loved reading it.

  2. Much knowledge is well placed in these lines. Poetry with punch. You ask deep and resounding questions. Great job Shloka! You should be proud Sulekha! Great writing runs in the family. Tell her to keep going. Keep writing! 🙂

    1. Tameka, your words made my day 🙂 I am so proud of my daughter, she is beautiful inside and out, Thank you for your beautiful comment.

  3. Every word is profound truth! it awe-inspiring! I hope to be a part of the generation which actually makes a huge difference and will deliver answers to these questions! lovely poem! 🙂

  4. This is beautiful Shloka. Thanks to your mom for introducing us to your poetry. This has so much depth.

  5. Very nice poem with a great message. It's clear that poetry runs in the family! Thank you for these words, Shloka, and thank you Sulekha, for sharing your daughter's lovely talent with us!

  6. Dear sulekha, I know you for the gravity of your thoughts and your love for your father. It is heartening to see your daughter carrying the legacy of humanistic thinking. I love her lines and 'relate' with her.

  7. The message rings loud and true!! I agree with you, and wished we all could just relate.

    Your daughter has your writing talents!! Well written Shloka, if only more people could hear your words and do it.

  8. Congratulations Shloka 🙂 This is one of the best poems I've read. Wow, Sulekha, I truly admire you and your daughter 🙂

    This would be a great reflection. We are all created to relate not only with people but with everything. And I guess, it would be great relating with our inner selves first and discover what makes us afraid to reach out.

    Thanks for sharing this masterpiece. I'll make it part of my reflections.

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