Valentine…Oh my valentine


Your smile haunts my dreams,
and every waking hour.
Your gaze rests on me,
hours after you’ve glanced away.

Your touch stays with me,
like a second skin,
touching me, caressing me,
cherishing me,
Oh, how I love your feel.
You stir my senses,
bring them to life.

You mesmerize me,
you entice me,
You pleasantly surprise me,
with my depth of,
emotions for you.

What it is, I can’t say,
But it’s definitely soul stirring.
Am on a perpetual high,
Since I met you.

You are a tornado of strength,
Yet, so sweet.
You’ve swept me off my feet,
You’ve cast a spell on me.
I live till we next meet.

Do let me down gently,
For I fear,
I might break and shatter into,
a million pieces,
If you hurt me dear.

Be gentle, be kind,
Oh my Valentine.
Cherish me, like I do you.
Love me, love me true.


Sulekha Rawat

11 thoughts on “Valentine…Oh my valentine

  1. Sulekha, you’ve effectively managed to poetically describe first love! Or I should say, the aspect of a “new” love. I love that stage, when everything is fresh, intoxicating, adventurous! It sets us on fire, doesn’t it? And the endorphins curse through our body like crazy. I always feel invincible when I’m in a new relationship. I miss that! 🙂

  2. Oooo I love love this Sulekha..I haven't felt this way for quite sometime. I'm including this in the music album …

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