Ode To My Hero

Happy birthday dad...16th April

Hey Grumpy,
Why the long face?
So,I haven’t wished you,
a happy birthday.
The day has just begun,
wanted something special,
hence the delay.

You are,
my emotional awning,
keeping all ills at bay.
I was lucky to have,
a father like you.
I wish and pray,
this bond is forever.
come what may.

So what if,
you are not around,
I see you in the,
rays of the morning Sun,
the twinkling of stars,
and wish you peace,
where ever you are.

Cheers Dad,
proud to be your daughter.
will raise a toast to you,
and maybe get a little drunk.
Haven’t gone to pieces,
I am strong, like you.

A slip here and there,
is permissible.
after all your absence,
from our lives,
has left us vulnerable.

Miss your warm hugs,
and loving smile.
my dearest darling father,
I will always love you,
Forever and ever.

Your ever-loving daughter

Lucks aka Sulekha

23 thoughts on “Ode To My Hero

  1. Hello Sulekha.
    My dad too passed away. If he was alive today, he would have celebrated his birthday on April 6th. I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I would have liked since he died when I was in my teens. He didn't get to see the man I have become today, but I know he would have been proud.
    Go ahead, toast your dad because even though he is gone, his memory will always live on in your heart. Very nice tribute indeed. Thanks for sharing.

    Day 15 (17) Open My Eyes

  2. This ode is suitable for all who guide us on our path through life. Wish you strength and that the memory of your father never fades from your heart. 🙂

  3. ah! fathers are so lucky to have daughters!!You are a loving daughter and it's heartening to me as a father to see how beautiful it can be!! Precious!! Thanks!!And cheeers!!

  4. Lovely and heartfelt. I am blessed to have my 91 year-old father living with us. Seeing him in the "rays of the sun" brought tears to my eyes. I will carry this with me. I will need the reminder one day.

  5. That was so touching Outlier. Sorry once again for missing his birthday. I know how much 16th April means to you. Love you

  6. Tears are coming to my eyes Sulekha because I lost two fathers, a biological one (never knew) and my adoptive father who raised me. Oddly enough I love them both even though only one made me a part of his life. This I can not explain, but a daughter's love is a mystery sometimes. What a beautiful tribute to your handsome father. I know he is super proud of you and smiling. 🙂

  7. Oooo when it's a dad post, I truly give time. I felt your deep love for your dad and I salute such beautiful relationship.

    He'll always be remembered…

  8. Awesome words to a Dad who deserved it well. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him too… But I know he knows me now and that he blesses every step me and my Mitr take together… We are fortified in his spirit… Much love

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