1. Sometimes, our actions mean more to others than we know. Love the photo of Radha Krishna. Not like the usual images; more human. And "no matter how bad things are", Radha enchants Krishna, too.

  2. Hi Sulekha, Not sure how I got signed into 'Intense Debate', or why I'm suddenly posting with my full blog name. In any case, thanks too, for all your comments on my poems. I'm really enjoying yours. Half way through napowrimo! Half a month to go.

    • sulekharawat

      πŸ™‚ Chris, I enjoy reading your poems on various themes. We made it half-way, I barely survived πŸ™‚ Best for the rest.

  3. melissa

    I do remember such a moment Sulekha…I'd give up another day just to have that feel of high πŸ™‚

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