How do I define Magic?

H is for HOW…

How do I define magic?

Magic is the happy feeling you get when your hard work pays off.

Magic happens when you feel a smile growing in your heart, and the world smiles back.


For me, magic happens when:

I can actually write something which reads well.

I stand on the weighing scale and the needle doesn’t race madly to the right side but crawls sedately to the left.

I manage to book the tickets for the first show of a newly released movie.

My spotted friend, Sparky (Dalmatian) does her business within minutes of going out and not after sniffing unmentionable objects for half an hour.

My college-going kids actually switch off their laptops and Play stations and agree to play a game of monopoly or carom with me.

My twenty something son puts his arm around my shoulders and says, “You are a cool Mom”.

My husband overlooks the mess in the house, and urges me to complete my half-finished article instead of cleaning house. He agrees that I function best in chaos. (These instances are extremely rare ;))

My mother wants to come visit me, though this makes the magic disappear from my husband’s life .

The grouchy shopkeeper smiles, while tendering exact change.

My best friend calls me up, long distance, just to say, ‘Hey’. She remembers my difficult days and lets me know she shares my pain.

The best kind of magic happens when my dear Dad appears in my dream, hugs me tight and says, “I love you”.


Sulekha Rawat


28 thoughts on “How do I define Magic?

  1. Isn't it funny how there are so many seemingly ordinary events during the day that are truly magical? My list is not as long as yours (maybe I should "look" some more) but the best magic that ever happened to me was finding love in the most unexpected places. Great post!

    1. Tameka, Even though I am all grown up, I still remain a child in their eyes and my love for them continues to grow with each passing day. Miss my dad a lot.

  2. You are one of the magics in my world Sulekha and everything you wrote here are very inspiring.

    I'd love to weave magic to my loved ones too…

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