Good Cause

Good Cause

I am sharing an old post with you today, because as I wrote down the topic of my challenge, this post was the first thing that flashed in my mind. I had participated in a 3 k m mini marathon, campaign against heart disease, last December. It was for my heart and to spread awareness about heart disease.  This initiative by a Multi-Specialty Hospital in New Delhi was supported by  a campaign against heart disease. We were provided with T shirts and badges with numbers on them, to wear for the marathon.

It was heartening to see senior citizens proudly displaying their badge numbers and wearing their T shirts, the light in their eyes was rivalling with the sun’s brightness that Sunday morning and I was humbled and honoured to be in their esteemed and dignified company. I thought of my father and how much he used to enjoy his walks and his contribution to society. He was a member of Dignity foundation (senior citizen’s group) in Mumbai and was always the first one at the starting line for any sporting event. I miss him a lot but felt that he was around that day and was with me every step of the way.

I met a lot of interesting people and made a few friends before the run, there were doctors, teachers, home-engineers (like me) and women pursuing other professions. I made quite a few friends and realized that we all are basically the same; all of us go through the same emotional roller-coaster and survive the ups and downs, in our own way. All of us have our own personal challenges and we all emerge victorious sooner or later, life is nothing short of exciting and every step forward is a small win.

It was a great day to be outside and to be a part of such a noble and worthy cause. Heart health is very important at any age, and spreading awareness about this cause made us proud and happy to be out there.


Sulekha Rawat



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    1. Tameka, Thanks a ton, since this was an old post I didn't post it anywhere. How did you find it? Thanks for the same.

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