‘Familiar’ is for Cowards


‘Familiar’ is for cowards…

I am anything but a coward, call me a ‘Risk-Taker’, if you may. I have always believed in doing what felt right rather than what is conventional and universally acceptable. ‘If it didn’t feel right, it was wrong’, has been my life’s philosophy. Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, I am a breach-baby and have always been swimming upstream and doing my own thing, irrespective of the shocked exclamations of those around me. I am like a square peg in a round hole, but then who says the hole has to be circular in shape?

I listen to both, my heart and my mind, and then let my soul decide the course of action to be taken. It has led me to pretty interesting places and landed me in some extremely sticky situations too, but then, what is life without some drama in it? I could have just gone with the tried and tested methods and reached my destination, safe and sound, without the rain of uncertainty soaking my being. But I like getting wet in the rain of unknown choices, enjoy the feeling of being soaked to the bone with exciting possibilities.

I had a dream but no road-map for it, so I just started walking on this unfamiliar road. A brand new map started taking shape as I continued on my uncharted journey. I created my own milestones along the highway of my dreams and left a bit of my essence along the way for others to follow, if they needed to. I received help from a few unselfish and genuine friends, along the course of this adventure. I haven’t reached my destination yet, but I am enjoying my unpredictable journey and living life on my own terms. My father had a vast collection of inspiring and motivating quotes, sharing a couple of them here, ‘

Take more Risks.’

 ‘Get good at being uncomfortable and stop walking the path of least resistance.

Start walking…



Sulekha Rawat

17 thoughts on “‘Familiar’ is for Cowards

  1. Ah, the beloved comfort zone…

    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Damyanti, So many of us are tempted to take the easier way, but those of us who don't, are happiest in the end. Thanks.

  2. I too listen to my heart and mind, they often battle one another thou. The heart says jump fool, while the head says "surely you'll make a mess of it". None the less I make my own path, following both my heart and head keeping their warnings at bay. If I fall or make a mess, I get up brush myself off and carry on.

    Great read.

    1. Debbie, welcome to my site. Like your positive thinking , great strategy. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Great post! I have been fortunate all of my life to do whatever I found interesting and made a living at every turn. Many paths on a hopefully long journey. I wish nothing less for anyone.

    Be well,

    1. Ron, welcome here and thanks for the lovely comment. appreciate your best wishes for my journey too.

  4. Sulekha your posts are inspiring, I often find them straight from heart and effortless.
    I truly believe if you want to do something all you need is to take first step and rest will follow..
    Its not that we will be successful lwys but there r so many lessons and learnings and we eventualy sometimes reach our destination or even sometimes better than that, Yes I too truly believe follow your soul instead f ur heart at times.


    1. Manisha, I am so happy to see you here after a long time:) Glad you liked my straight from the heart post.You must follow your soul, it is never wrong.

  5. I guess that's why God gives me shocks through 'internal 'earthquakes'. He's fond of changing my plans and schedules and always looks forward to see my reactions to His surprises.

    Am glad to be journeying with you at the same path ~ the road towards the unknown.

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