I was a breach-baby and had arrived into this world with my head held high and my feet on the ground. Conventional, I wasn’t, even back then. My grandfather, an acclaimed astrologer, had labelled me impulsive in my astrology chart. I am impulsive and impatient in the matters of the heart. I don’t believe in first impressions, but in deep impressions. When I meet someone new, I just know what kind of person he/she is. It’s a gift at times and a curse too. I can look into their souls, scared already?

Just because my article is titled eccentric, doesn’t mean that I am one too, or does it? I like to think of myself as a student of life and like any good student, I am dexterous. I study human behaviour and draw my own conclusions. I am seldom wrong, and when I am, I chalk it up to experience. We are human and to err is our birthright.

I enjoy writing, am not an expert but it’s my passion. I think writers are very brave, because they put their thoughts out in the open for the entire world to read and react. Some reactions are great but some not so much, but that doesn’t deter the driven and really focussed ones. I write to soothe my soul, to keep my sanity intact. Not everybody likes what I write, but I do and that is good enough for me.

Sharing something I had written for aspiring artists, ‘Be honest to yourself and your beliefs, the rest will follow. Let no one, other than your intuition dictate, influence or steer you in a particular direction. It’s your life, ideas and emotions which propel you forward to excel in your chosen field. Go live your life on your own terms; the world will follow in your footsteps, or at least part of the world will.’ Call me eccentric, see if I care … 🙂


Sulekha Rawat

22 thoughts on “Eccentric

  1. Hello Sulekha.
    I'm a prolific writer who writes from deep emotions. What's a thing of distaste to some is beauty to me. Not everyone will understand what I write or even like it. That's ok too. I write because its inherent in me. I have my own unique style and that will never change. Guess that means I'm an eccentric then? Oh well, I've always enjoyed being different…I relish it in fact. This post speaks to me. Thank you for writing & for sharing it.

    Day 6: Forbidden Kisses

    1. Andy, I am so glad my post speaks to so many writers in this group. I love the fact that we all are so similar in our thoughts and lives. Thank you for your lovely compliment.

  2. A writer certainly is brave. You cannot help but reveal some of who you are through your words.

    1. It becomes a bit difficult to maintain a distance between our characters and us.It is only when we connect do our readers feel the bond. Thank you for your visit and comment.

  3. Great post. I agree about writers. It's quite brave to put your words out there for all to see and critique. Loved your words!

    A to Z is proving to be quite fun. Thanks for visiting my post at Depression Cookies!

  4. What a great post. I loved what you had to say about writing…You know, I don't think anybody is necessarily an "expert", because there's always deeper to go with writing. I forgot whose blog I read it on but someone earlier this week mentioned that every time they write it feels like the first time. I can relate to that. I think when we feel that way when we start to write it leaves open the possibilities for furthering our creativity even more.

    Great post!

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