How I Met My Mitr


New beginnings

“And we find at the end of a perfect day, the soul of a friend we’ve made.”
Carrie Jacobs Bond

Friends make life worth living; friends make the good, better and the better, best. What do I mean with this jumbled up explanation? Okay, imagine you are eating a perfectly baked, delicious cake and someone walks up to you and hands you a bottle of home-made heavenly, gooey, creamy chocolate sauce. Friends are the chocolate sauce on your yummy cake called life.

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life and friends are the steadying factors. Friends can touch your heart even from a great distance, they can make you smile through your tears, make you feel better just by being there for you. If you are lucky, they may be within hugging distance, we need friends to make us believe in ourselves and to lend a helping hand.

Some friends meet you every day and help you cope with things while there are some friends that you meet once or twice a year but they play an equally important role in your tumultuous life. They bridge the distance with their thoughtful gestures and loving words of encouragement and what they lack in proximity, they make up with their intensity. I have all kinds of friends, close friends, near and dear ones and some long distance ones too.








Kriti – We all know the saying “Life is what happens to you, when you are busy making other plans”. But my point is I was not even aware that I had a plan, when a few months back, for the lack of anything better to do, I created an online forum for Ladies on Facebook. (If this were a script of a Bollywood movie back in the 80s, this is when the audience would be enthralled by a huge thunderclap and the ringing of a thousand bells in a temple.)I met Sulekha Rawat in this forum, who in a matter of days became my “Mitr” (friend) and quickly added many more bi-lanes on the single road that had become my life.

Sulekha – Sometimes life lulls you into a stupor and you drift into a dreamless sleep. I was woken up from such a slumber, when I was invited to join Ladies Club, which – Kriti Mukherjee – had started mainly for her college friends. I was an outsider, but something compelled me to come to this club and the rest, as they say, is history. I found my Mitr, Kriti Mukherjee here, the wind beneath the wings of Ladies Club, and now we have started our journey together here at www.socialpotpourri.com. We met in person only after six months of talking on the phone and seeing each other on Skype. Kriti my Mitr, is awesome, there is no other word to describe her. I have put her on a pedestal and admire and respect her versatile personality. I love our daily chats and look forward to reading her comments and posts on my website. She is an accomplished writer and a woman of substance. She goes to any lengths to help a friend and is a rocking Diva….

Now that we know we are going to create history and the superpowers have chosen us to create wonderful things in this world– What should be our next feat.  We are already here. We would love you to hold our hands throughout this journey and God knows maybe you and us will meet somewhere too. Till then let’s stay in touch here – at www.socialpotpourri.com , our very own social networking website.

Friends, Here’s a little bit about our website, Social Potpourri:
Social Potpourri (or SP) is literally a variety of social networking tools that help you manage relationships in a more meaningful way. It’s a place where you can interact as an individual, as well as a business.

 It has a Meetups section that helps you plan any offline events.

There is a Reads section which has a collection of regular articles,fashioned like a magazine. Reads is a place for book lovers and writers to share their creativity.

It has a message board, if you want to share something and get feedback from the whole community. Essentially it has an array of utilities.

Business Potpourri is a utility on www.socialpotpourri.com that supports business networking.

We are putting together our first ever networking event for small businesses in New Delhi, India, on 17th February 2012. This is an offline extension of the Business Potpourri managed event using the Meetup utility! We intend to create a platform to nurture relationships.We invite you to come and meet like-minded people to share information,make new friends,build relationships,find partners,share contacts and come together to drive revenue through the roof or at least head out in the right direction with us.


Our work

We are avid bloggers/ writers and members of the great blogosphere. Our fellow writers have awarded us with various awards and honours during our journey through this great blogosphere. We are a part of wehaveastory.com, and have contributed stories and poems here.

Some of the awards are:

The Versatile blogger award, MEME award, STD: Sexy Talented Diploma in blogging, Lovely blog award, super blogger award, Stylish blogger, Kreativ blogger award to name a few.

Our articles have been published in various international online magazines like: The Ajnabee.com, BKhush.com, and we have a weekly column, titled Chatty Divas on LassiwithLavina.com.


With Love,

Kriti and Sulekha



18 thoughts on “How I Met My Mitr

  1. Sulekha, I loved the concept behind Social Potpourri! I’ve left a couple of comments in other meets. Have you gotten them? I love the way you and Kriti think! Kudos to you, ladies! 🙂

    1. Bella, Thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I haven't come across your comments elsewhere 🙁 will look for them for sure 🙂 Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  2. Hello Sulekha.
    This is such a wonderful story. Your paths crossed and you have been conjoined ever since (smile). Friends like Kriti are hard to come by and when they come into your life, they change you for the better.
    Wishing you & Kriti many more years of lifelong friendship and love and much success too for Social Potpourri.
    Have a great week ahead, dear Sulekha!
    Thanks for sharing

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…

    1. Andy, Life gives us an opportunity and it's up to us to make something wonderful of it. We met by chance and bonded for life. Thanks

    1. Corinne, I believe in fate and making my own destiny :). Who joins us on this journey to our dream destination is pre-destined. I have met such wonderful people online and offline, and have managed to make a family of kindred spirits. Thank you for your best wishes and support.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love these sorts of connection stories. I have met some wonderful people online.. through blogging and groups. I'd never thought it possible, but you just never know. I'll have to check this out.

    1. Brenda, Welcome to my site and thanks a lot for your comment. We have to keep our hearts open and willing to let people in 🙂

  4. A lovely tale an incidence of 2 like minded freinds meeting and connecting. The result is socila Potpourri. Looking forward to meet both the mitrs and others the Writers meet on march 2:)

    1. Aabha, welcome to my site and thanks for the lovely compliment. We also want to meet a wonderful writer like you.

  5. There is always a reason why people meet and you two met for this reason only,,,to be friends for life and start this wonderful network Social Potpourri. All the best to you two Mitrs

    1. Rimly, we also met for a reason, we are soul mates 🙂 Kriti and I, just connected and grew together from that moment onward and started our journey with SP.Thanks my dear Outlier.

  6. I have read this the first time it was posted. I have always wondered what you meant by mitr 🙂

    Your friendship is incomparable. I admire you both for your creativity and energy. True beautiful souls.

    Congratulations to Social Potpourri 🙂

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