1. Janaki Nagaraj

    Nithin…I love exploring too…but, don't get to do it. Am from Bengaluru and when I am there for holidays, there is never a day when I don't eat delicious dosas….so many favourite joints with so many specialty and variety of dosas.
    Nice post.
    Sulekha…you really are a tease…tempting us mere foodie mortals with all these stomach tales…god! I am drooling.

  2. melissa

    Oh just in time for winter although we don't have it here 🙂 What great adventures you had 🙂 I didn't imagine you were such until I read this post. I think you mix well with people, I see it by the way you accept and eat 'new' food.

    Oh it would be lovely to have such a trip once again (*except of course, being hungry on the road LOL).

    Thanks for sharing this post. It's truly delightful!

  3. Alpana Jaiswal

    I know that you like "good food"…and you have given us a wonderful description of a chapter of your life…I love to explore new places and try out new cuisines…“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
    George Bernard Shaw

  4. sulekharawat

    Nithin, I too love eating at new and undiscovered places. They have the best food, unadulterated and pure. Thank you for writing such a wonderful guest post here. Appreciate it a lot.

  5. Hello.
    I'm not much of a traveler, but I do know that based on the few places I've been to, it's usually the off-the-beaten-track places that are the most beautiful & the people most accommodating. I love food & am willing to try most things.
    Awesome photo & post Nithin.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Sulekha, I'm really enjoying your guest posts.

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