1. Janaki Nagaraj

    Rimly..I too am a foodie. Just cannot diet, in fact, I feel more hungry if I think of that word. I too have stuffed myself on couple of occasions where I have been unable to move….Nice and funny post.

  2. Oh Rimly, you didn’t introduce me to this goblin lol… I loved how you wrote your tale but I wasn’t sure at all it was you because from your photos you look so fit. Maybe that’s and added gift not to have to deal with weight after eating ;)…

    Oooo I wish I had an appetite like that…lol… although the last part of your story got me worried too.

    Those food you posted look delicious ;)…Now,I’ll always remember you when I eat lol…no diet now…

    • Melissa there is a goblin in me which tends to overpower me at times. And I have learnt the trick to pose for a shot where my weight doesnt show. LOL!

  3. sulekharawat

    Rimly, I loved reading your article and I agree with Corinne about it not showing on you 🙂 Thank you for being my guest blogger and writing such a lovely and delicious piece.

  4. Hello Rimly.
    I hear you about food. I love to eat. My wife always tells me I have a pit for a stomach. I have a tendency to over-indulge too whenever I visit with my family, whom I don't see very often. When they know I'm coming, they go all out & put on a spread as if I am a king! I cannot just eat food prepared by one…that wouldn't be fair to the other, so to avoid any argument, I eat from all…lol. As much as I love to eat, I love to exercise as well & workout everyday without fail.
    The food shown here is among my favorite too…curry, dal. How about some roti? I'm already doing some virtual tasting.
    Wonderful guest post.
    Thanks Rimly & Sulekha.

  5. PNA

    Hey Rimly,
    Reading your post after a meal, a sumptuous one, we ordered from a nearby restaurant, authentic food more or like home, but the quantity was so much such that had to stuff down after a time, and couldn't waste it either, the predicament of foodies! what to do 🙂 🙂 I love to cook for people who love to just relish their food, no fuss whatsoever, and the act of just eating every morsel for its taste.. the satisfaction mmm… and the burrrp after a good food! lovely 🙂


    • Hi PNA, I know exactly what you mean. Food!!!! Every morsel counts. I always regret the next day for not eating enough after a party even though at that time I am about to throw up!!! LOL! Thank you for commenting.

  6. youknowwho

    That was good, and funny , but you forgot to mention that your goblin's growl is more insistent only immediately after you take some food, as if he ( shall I say "she" ? ) misses further morsels !!

  7. Rimly you have brought those days back for me – the hostel days and to think you and I went to the same hostel and ate the same food!!! I know exactly what you are talking about. Once there was this junior girl who send a friend of mine a box of pastries for special favors etc. My friend of course did not want to do anything for her but we convinced ourselves that it still would be insulting if we sent the box back. We devoured its contents in precisely 7 minutes (too little time to change our minds). Loved jogging through your memory lane : )

  8. sukanyabora

    Rimly: foodie, foodie …just like me. i am already feeling bloated and heavy and the holiday season is yet to begin in full gusto. i remember your mum's cooking- she was a fantastic cook. your post reminded me of my hostel days.
    Sulekah: nice collaboration!

  9. David Smith

    I have a goblin lurking inside me that loves to be fed on a regular basis but he is not an adventurous eater at all. I refer to eat foods over and over instead of trying new dishes especially if they have a funny texture or smell funny lol. Writing this has made me hungry for potatoe chips 🙂

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