Prompt for a poem by Tameka

The perfume of the moist poetry,
haunts the soft breeze.
The Universe asks the question,
But I laugh and baby girl squirms.

Women blush and think,brother
Sorry Secret decay of ice fever.
Web dance of translucent smoke,
is no more Wet, ok Brilliant too.

Sulekha aka Lucks

19 thoughts on “Poem

  1. So lovely! I love how poetry flows and moves from my desk of spread out tiles to the net and around the world and back again! Magical Sulekha!

  2. lovely here my try

    Translucent universe brilliants laugh
    Breezing smoke women’s perfume haunts seer blush
    Wet dance iced fever not question more
    Poetry’s soft baby girl squirm fever on ice
    Decay moist brother wet dance too
    But haunting blush decay no I ask softy
    Web of question at more think more not
    Translucent universe brilliants laugh
    Women’s perfume haunts seer blush

  3. HA! Lol@ at Roy. You certainly are no lady dear. I'm sure Jim didn't mean that! 😉

    Here is my contribution:

    I smoke poetry and squirm. Translucent universe. Brilliant fever. Question me not. It's my secret dance.

    We might have to work this into a weekly feature. What do you guys think? It sure was fun! 🙂

  4. Thank you friends,


    I really appreciate your comments and love you guys for visiting and liking my attempt in this creative challange.

  5. It comes so easy to you … a flash of words and ooo poetry ;)…

    I loved the mixture of words… random thoughts… perfume…

    Your poetry like perfume has a lingering scent … could smell it…

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