Silent Anguish

Path by the river

Silence is the loudest scream,
in the confines of a lonely heart,
Sometimes you need to speak,
to make yourself understood.
Nothing hurts more than your silence,
It grips my heart in its vice-like hold,
rips apart the remnants of my soul,
with its quiet undertones.
I try to placate my heart, and reason,
I can’t hear you above the din of my,
thoughts and feelings for you.
My jumbled up wishes and desires,
are drowning out your words.
The sound of your voice,
Is unable to reach my parched ears.
Sometimes I can hear your heart beat,
From a thousand miles away.
When it happens, I know that,
You are thinking of me. I feel.
A touch of the wind,
kiss of the sun, and hear,
 the twinkling of the stars.
At times when I am sad and lonely,
I feel a warm touch on my soul.
It’s when I cross your mind, and you,
Whisper my name in your sleep.
I feel your name is mine to keep,
Your memory is my keepsake.
Though I think of you night and day,
I was yours for Namesake.
Lucks aka Sulekha

28 thoughts on “Silent Anguish

  1. Sulekkha your one of the ones that makes this an interesting journey for me each day. I want to read more and know more about you. Excellent
    My jumbled up wishes and desires,
    are drowning out your words.
    The sound of your voice,
    Is unable to reach my parched ears.


  2. This is a comment by Preetu Dave,

    " Mesmerizing word play – Lucks – I have to dig inside my school memorabilia – locate my favorite little red Oxford dictionary – juggle it up & find new words to express my feelings for your renditions. Superbly written – the way Only you can. Loved it ! Keep up the awesomeness "

  3. Can it get any better than this,Sulekha? I absolutely loved it. I'll call this 'my poem' for you have reflected my anguish…

  4. Silence is the loudest scream to a lonely heart. This sentence says it all. How fascinating and intriguing your writing can be.

  5. Your words always move me and get me thinking about life in a good way. Looking forward to more of your insight 🙂

  6. @Aabhisek, thank you so much for the lovely super like comment.

    @Motifs, Love it when you guys come visit my blog and comment.Thanks Alpana.

    @Mitr, we are birds of a feather:) thanks.

    @David, Even your comments are pure poetry, thanks.

    @Swati, thanks a ton and I am so glad we met online and will definitely meet in person soon.

    @Angel Eyes, welcome to my blog and love your compliment.Thanks.

    @Jorie, thank you for the sweet compliment.

  7. Wow!!
    This is just Awesome!!
    Felt each and every word 🙂
    I am your new follower ..So, Cheers 🙂


  8. Thank god I came across ur blog.. A poem like this can make anyone's day! 🙂 Hey Lucks I share the same passion as u.. do visit my blog..
    wid tons of wishes..
    Monu 🙂

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