Miracle Car!!! I want this Baby……

An article in yesterday’s newspaper caught my attention. “Scientists have developed what they say is the world’s first “Internet Car” which can read out your emails, Facebook and Twitter updates. The unique car can also help motorists behind the wheel surf the net by using a series of voice commands. To avail the facilities, drivers only need to attach their smart phones or iPads into a charger in the electric car before they set off. The vehicle also allows drivers to search radio stations with voice commands using its special “infotainment” technology. The technology is designed to prevent the driver being distracted by texts and emails. Through voice commands the computer reads a person’s messages to them as they drive.”

Wow…I am impressed by this news article, what an innovative idea!! How thoughtful of the scientists, the concern they show for the drivers and the pedestrians is really something!! Thank you. I am so not going to make it to office, if I am not updated on my favourite actor’s breakfast choice for the day or what he did after pack-up, and the movie he or she watched, in the night. My mind will be buzzing with unanswered questions about another celebrity and whether he had a good dump in the morning or if his plumbing was faulty. All these are life-altering news and I have to know about them even before I reach my place of work as there is going to be a contest on who ate what? And who dumped whom? When and Where. Hence this miracle car is a must buy for me, this, Internet Car.

That brings me to another important aspect of my life, Facebook. Yes, how can I miss out on all the intelligent status updates and messages my virtual friends post and send to me. Life is a journey, one friend writes, really? I didn’t know this!!Thanks for enlightening me. Another brainy one writes, love thy enemy’, wow, profound. Some really uplifting ones include intelligent and brilliant thoughts, like a smiley face or a sad one. I have to respond and ask them why they are happy or sad. All this while, I am on my way to the office, in my miracle car. I so need this new contraption, thank you.

I can surf the net while driving and will not get distracted, wow. All because my hands will be on the wheel while my mind will be surfing the net along with the million other places, minds go to all the time. Even when I hear about my favourite sportsman’s death, I will continue driving at the same safe and reasonable speed. Will not get startled and go and embrace a tree, miracle car and all. When my team wins, I won’t shout out with glee and put my hands up and celebrate, and if I do, maybe I will command my car to continue driving at a safe and permissible speed. It is after all a miracle car!!

I pity those poor people who have the out-dated old cars, which don’t obey their voice commands because, when they get a message or update, they have to stop at stop signs or service roads and read the same. While I can go about my business merrily, while driving and being a menace to the fellow drivers. Poor old fashioned people with their retro cars, my sympathies lie with them. So what if I might not make it to office and they do, at least I will depart this world in style and will go out in the IN-THING.

Lucks aka Sulekha

10 thoughts on “Miracle Car!!! I want this Baby……

  1. I may buy it,to know what Sulekha thinking for her new post? May i steal it from her before she posts? Ooh!another one, what she is cooking in her kitchen for breakfast? lolol,

  2. Wow!! really…what's the world coming to? Why dont they find a cure for AIDS, or a miracle drug that will abolish hunger or misery!! But Miracle Car, yes it is a must! Good one Lucks…

  3. lol I love this post.. Your way of looking at things is really great all enjoy reading your blog. I agree a miracle car because it is internet access??
    When I was a child they said we would have flying cars,,what a let down!!!
    People do take themselves to seriously out here. Hell Im probably included lol. All these trite sayings. Why can't we all just get along .. opps

  4. Is this crazy or what!!! THough your sarcasm cracks me up… Exactly my sentiments put in better words – thanks Mitr for this fun post…

  5. Great post, a group of friends and I were talking about this last night. A friend got a new car and we were all going out to see it, one of us said did you get the one where you can do fb while driving, and I immediately said "Yeah I think it's wonderful, now the car dealers are actually promoting things we are now pulled over to doing" I mean seriously like you stated, our hands may be on the wheel, but our minds on "deb standing in front of a red building watching a yellow kite" status update…

    anyways enjoyed the post


  6. Ha ha, loved it! Sulekha, Google should hire you for creating the FB car. They already are experimenting with the Google car which drives itself so you can read FB! AS NYT wrote, "With someone behind the wheel to take control if something goes awry and a technician in the passenger seat to monitor the navigation system, seven test cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control." So you're on the right track!

  7. SS, you are so right. We are going in the wrong direction and need to focus on serious issues.Thanks.

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