All the things, I would do, if the world minded its own business.

What a perfect world it would be, if people minded their own business and let you get on with yours. These are the many things, I would do then…..

I would colour my hair purple and get a punk-cut.

Wear a mini skirt, leather jacket and boots,
and roam the streets, whenever I felt like it.

Dance on the bar without worrying about raised eyebrows.

Get drunk at the New Year’s bash ,
and tell everyone, how I really felt about them.

Walk into a temple with shoes on, god doesn’t say, no footwear allowed inside. It’s the so-called guardians of the temples, who mind the extra work, cleaning after the devotees. So many times, for the want of taking off my shoes, I have been deprived of an audience with god.

Hold my friend’s hand and walk on the roads without inviting curious glances. Without people snickering behind our backs, Is she gay?

Say NO to irritating relative’s, unreasonable demands

Speak my mind without thinking about the consequences

Do what I felt like, when I felt like, always

Hibernate for three months at a hill station

Dress sloppily

Eat only when hungry and not worry about, my weight,

Live my life and not worry about,
my character, my reputation, and my duties.

Curse and throw things around when angry
Howl at the top of my voice,
when upset or grieving.

Burst into a guffaw, in public,
when something funny happens

Love deeply, unrestrictedly

Stay in a relationship only until it lasts.
Walk out when love goes out of it.

Fall in love again and again,
till I find my soul-mate.

Be in love with more than one person,
at the same time, and say it openly.

Profess my undying love to my soul-mate,
and walk off into the sunset with him/her.

Stay away from negative people,
even when they are closely related to me.

Show my displeasure,
Answer back

Not conform to the rules

Pull out my tongue at moral policing

Thumbs down to toxic people

Light candles in the morning

Eat breakfast at night

Do as I please

Speak my mind.

Follow my heart.

Live in the moment

Be free

Love unconditionally.

Lucks aka Sulekha

20 thoughts on “All the things, I would do, if the world minded its own business.

  1. Can I add run barefoot across the park and through the fountains in the middle of summer to that one XD If only we could be that free without consequence.

  2. @Anna, I have deleted a couple of things because of people's reaction. Thanks

    @SJ, hi love your suggestion, thanks.

  3. @Roy, thanks a lot, appreciate your lovely compliments every time.

    @Priyashmita, I wish I could,Will try at least. Thanks

  4. Sulekha,wish I was as brave as you to do this..my thoughts,your words..of course a couple more..its awesome.

  5. Alpana, I have deleted a couple of them because they were too much for the society 🙂
    Thanks for the compliment.

  6. I do enjoy your writing. It sounds like you want to stay a child hmm not a bad idea. Remember how honest we were as children. Not worrying what others thought. We do need to grow older but must we leave it all behind???

  7. @Jim, I do, I never want to grow up. 18 till I die, thanks.

    @David, please do and share with us all, thanks.

  8. I am living proof that you can and should … kuch toh log kahenge, logon kaa kaam hai kahena…I'll hold ur hand if it helps!

  9. @SS, thank you so much, wish we could live in such a world.

    @Su, will take you up on your offer soon,thanks.

  10. Shalom Sulekkha!

    Well, I think everything is possible. Why not try to do all this in the present life? Freedom of choice is a gift. Choosing to be happy is the main 'business' of our lives.

    I loved your post. Thank you for sharing with me.

    May your days be sweets like honey.

    Adelle 'Isha Shiri"

  11. Hi Isha, welcome to my blog and thank you so much for liking my post. I am taking one step at a time.

  12. Hi Sulekha,

    Interesting post and desire. Coming at you space after a long time.
    Hmm that what we always dreams of even as a kid too that we need to have freedom ..and when we have it ..then keep on thinking what to do with it , it was better before.
    But your desires are very much achievable BTW.

    All the best ..and make a move.
    I only wish and desire is to bring peace and happiness to this world wish it comes soon.

    take care
    Happy Weeekend.

  13. Oh wishful thinking – thy name is happiness …. and to think there are people actually you do all of that and caring less about society. THose are the people I envy most Mitr….

  14. @Vivek, welcome to my blog after a long interval and thanks for the compliment and encouragement. Your wish is so much more selfless than mine 🙂

    @Mitr, Me too, let's do all the things on my list.

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