Lonely Vigil

She stands alone at the pier, hungrily gazing at the sea.
fists clenched at her sides, unmoving, still stands she.
Her lone, heart breaking constant vigil, invites curious eyes,
Her dark circled eyes reveal, sleepless nights gone by.

The trembling of her lower lip, gives her feelings away,
She shifts from one foot to another, even as she sways.
There is a melancholy beauty in her quiet still frame,
She whispers silent prayers and gently calls out his name.

The crashing of the waves, match her soul’s screaming rage.
Every day, from dawn to dusk, she stands rooted to the shore,
Scanning the empty waters, for the advent of her love.
Her trembling form flutters in the wind, like a torn page

By the time the night falls, her eyes are lifeless black holes.
She trudges back to her tattered hut by the sea,
only to return again tomorrow, with the first light.
She starts her lonely vigil, afresh every morn,
Come rain or shine, she is there, standing forlorn.

She knows he lives, because she can feel his heart beat in hers,
She wills him to face all odds and come rushing back to her.
One morning, the sun is up and she is not to be seen,
People wonder where she could be, she is never late,
The sun can be a little late but, she never has ever been.

The open flap of her hut reveals, her unmoving, silent frame,
With imploring eyes and her palms outstretched in vain.
Sometime during the night, she had heard her love gasp,
Had felt his breath leave his body, heard his agonizing screams,
Had desperately tried to stop, death from taking his soul away,
she had begged him so much, implored to let her love stay.

But death is no angel of mercy but a slayer of dreams.
He had mocked her pleas and fervent requests,
and taken away her beloved’s last gasping breath.
It was then that she herself had relinquished her,
flimsy hold on life, if he was no more in this world,
She didn’t want to be alone here, she didn’t want to survive.

Lucks aka Sulekha

21 thoughts on “Lonely Vigil

  1. It is so touching and sad, Outlier. Waiting can be so agonizing. We all wait because in some corner of our heart there is still a ray of hope however hopeless it may be. Loved it.

  2. @Nirupam, thank you for the top class comment. Will definitely visit your blog.

    @Rimly, loved your comment, love is an agony and waiting makes our hearts ache with longing and pain.

    @Jim, thanks, I have a lifetime of experience 🙂

  3. @Jeanne, Thanks a ton for the lovely compliment, wish I could find some publisher for it.

    @Jim, what can I say, I am eternity 🙂

  4. I have stopped being amazed at your talent Mitr – and i have seriously run out of words to compliment you with – what shall I say – Bravo!!!!

  5. Sulekkha,
    I am so happy you came to check out my blog and left a comment or else a might not have come across yours. Wow what a wonderfully written piece. I am following definitely going to following you now and can't wait until your next post

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