Unconditional Love


Is it a word or a sentence?
Unconditional love means to love someone,
regardless of their qualities or actions.
complete, absolute, without reservations,
That’s how love should be.
It’s the only way to live.
Pure joy and ecstasy,
is what love should be,
And not a metal ball and chain,
dragging your feet.
Constricting, restraining, and binding you.

Love should be encouraging you to,
go ahead and conquer the world.
Not become an obstacle in your,
path to success.
It should silently nudge you towards,
the culmination of your dreams.

There is only one way to love,
And that’s unconditionally.
Rest all is a negotiation.
If you love me, you will bring me flowers,
If you love me, take me on a cruise.
What you should be saying is,
Because I love you, I understand.
I know where you’re coming from.

I support you, in whatever you want to do,
Because I Love You.
I am letting you go,
March to your own beat.
Listen to your heart,
Do what feels right to you.
I am with you every step of the way,
I Love You, Unconditionally.


13 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Lucks, lovely post…but difficult to do this unconditional love right? Will try to love unconditionally…

  2. lovely as usual…I try and think in the same manner…but does it really happen? Unconditional love…

  3. i think only a free person is capable of such love sulekkha… when the world becomes more of "you" than "i,me and myself" then the heart is capable of creating more space for the 'other'.

    but i felt such love from God and it is also for this that i hope that my kind of loving will be transformed ;)…

  4. Beautiful Outlier. But I totally agree with Swati and Alpana. Unconditional love is not easy. When you love someone and give yourself to someone totally you want love back with equal intensity. But it is not impossible. One can always love someone without expecting anything from the other.

  5. SO true Lucky… I would agree to love unconditionally… but on one "condition" – you should love me back too 😉

  6. @Nirupam, thanks a lot.

    @Motifs,Yes it does Alpana.Love is unconditional.

    @Melissa, Thanks for the lovely compliment.

    @Rimly,Wish life were simpler…Thanks

    @Jim, I beg to differ, Love is not conditional.

    @Chokher, You are already asking for love back, don't expect,just love.

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