Unseeing eyes refusing to close,

even as the world tried its best.
From dawn to dusk, they stayed wide open,
vacantly staring into space.

slowly, a crowd gathered around the man,
who wouldn’t close his eyes.
And bystanders whispered in hushed tones,
he looks like a devil in disguise.

Why are his eyes still open?
Why won’t he close them?, they said.
Why does he stare so greedily,
Why doesn’t he rest, now that he is dead?

He was waiting for his love, you see.
A little voice gently spoke.
And though she never did show up,
he never really lost hope.

His eyes are still open,
Coz he’s waiting to see her, just once again.
And though his heart has stopped beating,
his soul still willfully remains.

Lucks aka Sulekha

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